Lined trays and pipelines manufactured and supplied - PASSATSTAL


Lined trays and pipelines manufactured and supplied

Lined trays and pipelines manufactured and supplied

Within the framework of the agreement with OJSC Trest Shahtaspetsstroy, PASSATSTAL specialists manufactured and supplied trays, transitions, outlets and pipes for the object “Ensuring air balance of supply and exhaust ventilation in the main building of SOF PU3” Belaruskali.

An open metal tray is installed on a metal frame protected by Farbacoat coating. The tray is designed to transport the process stream of the second stage of desliming. The hydrostatic filling medium is a saturated aqueous solution of KCl, NaCl, MgCl containing mechanical mixtures of halite, sylvinite, cornellite and insoluble residue.

Modified elastopolyurethane was chosen as the lining material. This will allow operating the tray without fear for early wear as a result of abrasive and chemical exposure.

Further transportation of the working environment is provided with lined passages, branches, and pipes. Internal protection is provided by Farbacoat Protect, external — Farbakout Epoxy 20 and Farbacoat Urethane 30.

It should be noted that in the framework of the project for the first time, an automatic application of Farbacoat Protect was applied on the inner surface of pipes.