Winning corrosion

PASSATSTAL, LLC is an expert in the issue of corrosion and abrasion protection of process tanks, steel structures, technological pipelines, building structures. We produce a wide range of industrial coatings for different environments and working conditions. In addition, we cooperate with the largest European manufacturers of protective coatings Corrocoat Ltd. and Alma-Color Sp. z o.o. We use, including, and long-term experience of our partners to solve optimally a problem of our customer and to pick up for it taking into account the set operating conditions the most durable material.

Materials of own production

Anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant industrial coatings Farbacoat are created in the most technologically advanced market, where particularly demanding consumers. The whole range of coatings Farbacoat developed in European laboratories. These are materials of high chemical resistance. In terms of performance, Farbacoat industrial coatings are comparable to the coatings of the world’s leading manufacturers, and in a number of indicators exceed them. In this case abrasive resistant coating anti-corrosion Farbacoat accessible foreign counterparts.

Lined technological pipelines

PASSATSTAL, LLC manufactures pipe and fittings lined with the corrosion — and abrasion-resistant coatings Corrocoat Polyglass (UK). They are suitable for a large number of different chemical media with pH from 0 to 13, are not exposed to demineralized water at temperatures up to 90°C, resist most solvents, are used including in aggressive atmospheric conditions and splash zones (watering). Such pipelines-one of the most reliable in the world and at the same time they are two times cheaper than rubber pipes similar on durability and one and a half times more accessible than stone-casting pipes.

Protect and restore capacitive equipment and pipelines

PASSATSTAL, LLC provides durable corrosion protection external and internal surfaces of the tank equipment from external influences and contained corrosive liquids. The material of the protective coating is selected in accordance with the conditions, operating modes of technological equipment.

Our company also carries out works on the restoration of the worn-out, corroded capacitive equipment, works on the renovation of pipelines.

Strictly observe the rules

PASSATSTAL, LLC has a compliance certificate for the construction of first to the fourth class of complexity in terms of protection of building structures and equipment. The company has a quality management system ISO 9001-2015.