Anticorrosive protection of non-standard and capacitive equipment - PASSATSTAL


Anticorrosive protection of non-standard and capacitive equipment


LLC PASSATSTAL carries out the following types of works on corrosion protection:

  • Anticorrosion protection of capacitive equipment;
  • Restoration and anticorrosion protection of operated capacitive equipment;

Competently selected and executed corrosion protection is aimed at preserving and maintaining equipment operability in the course of its operation, thereby significantly reducing the cost of maintaining capacitive process equipment. The lining of tanks selected by our specialists protects the surface from aggressive media and significantly prolongs their service life.

LLC PASSATSTAL performs a complex of works on restoration of anticorrosion protection of process tanks under conditions of high chemical, mechanical and thermal loads, storage tanks for corrosive liquids using industrial coatings of their own production, as well as coatings from leading European manufacturers that are partners of our company.